If you aren’t familiar with the West African deity Yansa (also known as Oya), then you might not fully understand the importance of the brand’s name and the ethos behind Yansa Haus.

Yansa is a fierce warrior and protector of women and wears many hats: she is the powerful goddess of the Winds of Change, the Primeval Mother of Chaos and Queen of the Nine (for the nine tributaries of the Niger River). She is often pictured wielding a weapon like a sword or a machete, which she uses to defend, protect, and clear the way for new beginnings and change.

With our line of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, our goal is to capture the energy, confidence and magnetism of Yansa, so our customers can embody that boldness and flex their melanin every day! Our Queen Me collection for instance, was designed to both inspire and empower wearers to walk boldly in their truth. The collection, which includes t-shirts and accessories, depicts the power and boldness of Yansa with an image of a strong, fiery, lethal queen. The bullet in her mouth highlights the power of her words as well as her capacity to completely destroy whatever is in her path, to rebuild on a new, strong foundation.

All our pieces intentionally celebrate Blackness and all the beauty and confidence that comes from our melanin. We use fashion as a way of connecting with our ancestors and celebrating our culture (like with our Ancestors vs. y’all uglass tees!). If you are looking for a unisex brand that is unapologetically black, then you don’t need to look any further than Yansa Haus!

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