The Everyday Fashion Staple: Three Ways to Rock a T-shirt

When we think of t-shirts, we often think of casual wear. After all, we been rocking our tees since elementary school and it’s difficult to think of them as anything other than something you just throw on casually! But the truth is, if you’ve only been wearing your t-shirts as loungewear or activewear, then you’ve truly been missing out on the full scope of your favorite tees! T-shirts have the capacity to go from day to night, from casual to formal, simply with the addition of the right styling and accessories! By using your t-shirts in different ways, you are getting more bang for your buck (and who doesn’t love that?). Keep reading for three ways you can level up your t-shirt game.


  1. Blazer and jeans
    The blazer-tee-jeans combination is unmatched! This outfit combination is trendy and works for both men and women! Grab your favorite Yansa Haus t-shirt (like this one!) and pair it with your style of jeans of choice—a sleeker jean like straight leg or skinny or high waisted in a dark rinse will look more formal, whereas a lighter wash with a more relaxed fit will look more casual. Then you can have fun with the blazer—going with a bold color or a fun print. Finish off with shoes appropriate for the event. If it’s something a bit fancier, grab your heels or dress shoes, but if it’s more of a casual event, white sneakers are always a good idea!

  2. Printed skirt and belt
    Okay, this outfit is for my ladies! Summer is quickly approaching and this is the perfect fit to make your debut back outside this season! Take a simple t-shirt and either tuck it in (or knot it to show off a little skin) and pair it with a skirt with a bold print. The style of skirt can be up to you—whether a flowing maxi or fitted pencil skirt and then cinch your waist with a belt. This will show off your waist in the best way, while looking super fly at the same time.

  3. Oversized + Biker shorts

The oversized t-shirt is still trending this season—especially for those of us who put on a few lbs during lockdown this past year. Luckily, an oversized t-shirt is easy to wear and extremely comfortable. If your t-shirt is super oversized, you might not need to wear any bottoms at all, wearing your t-shirt as a dress. If you don’t want to go too oversized, then pair your t-shirt with some biker shorts for a very trendy look. For the men, why not try your oversized tee with a pair of colorful short shorts, white socks and your favorite kicks